Malegalli Madumagalu – Kuvempu

Novel   : Malegalli Madumagalu
Author : Kuvempu
Genre   : Social, Romance

Malegalli madumagalu is one of Kuvempu’s most loved book. It speaks of the picturesque nature on one end and on the other its the social setting of the 90’s with a clear view of the slavery system of that time.

The life of the landlords of the villages of Simbavi, Halemane, Kallur, Konnur and Hoovalli and the slaves form the plot of the story. Whereas Konnur’s Rangappa Gowda’s brother Mukundayya  and Hoovalli Venkkanna’s daughter Chinnamma are the lead characters.

Venkanna is lost in great debts and the way he finds to get out of it is by marrying of his daughter Chinnamma to Barame Gowda of Simbavi. Barame Gowda does not have a child from his first marriage and is getting ready for his second marriage even with his wife being with him.

Mukundayya and Chinnamma are in love ever since their childhood days. Mukundayya plans to elope Chinnamma with the help of his slave Penchalu. Penchalu and Itha are couples and being the same age as of Mukundayya, they are good friends despite the landlord and slave relationship. Will Mukundayya and Chinnamma be able to meet each other?

There is another couple Gutti and Timmi, who are slaves of different houses and in case when they are  married Timmi’s owner loses ownership of her, which he does not want to happen to sets up obstacles for them. Will they be able to overcome the hurdles of these planning and the society?

Another important character is that of Huliya, Gutti’s pet dog, who follows him throughout. He has lot of heroism and captures the readers with him.

This novel has lot more interesting characters. Also the novel as a whole has many two sided meanings to it. An intense story and lot to understand, is what the author gifts the readers with.


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